Unseen Spiritual War

“Even before I met Father Paisios,I instinctively knew that a tremendous and terrible war is being waged on the earth,in every corner of the planet.The battlefield on which this war takes place is the human mind and the human heart.Either our decisions,our choices, and the way in which we deal with events in our lives point us towards life,knowledge, and joy,or else we proceed in error towards death,ignorance,pain and grief.
Our enemies’ hatred for us is fierce.Their desire is to utterly destroy us,and so,with cold calculation,they devise treacherous plots in order to lead us to ruin,misery and ultimately death.They attempt to capture the human mind,blocking any window capable of admitting the light of real knowledge-which would let a person appreciate his own greatness and worth.They would persuade the mind to sell itself cheap,for a glittering bauble,so to speak.These enemies are not impersonal entities.They have faces and names,belonging to the same genus and species.They are cunning,unscrupuluos,and work unceasingly to achieve their aim.They do battle with the human race as a whole and with each person individually.We have just about been conquered by them:humanity is under their subjugation,if not completely,then to a great extent.
Over the centuries a considerable number of people have gone over to the side of these enemies of ours,either voluntarily or because they were deceived by them.Some of these now find themselves under these enemies’ direct power,serving them,doing their work, and expediting their schemes.In exchange they are often helped by them materially in this life.For example, they might find jobs easily, or acquire power over others or wealth.But, though they have material things, they do not have peace, so in the end they cannot really take joy in what they have and find satisfaction.Indeed, they live in danger,in a deep and permanent state of fear.For their masters have a hatred for them as humans, and to these masters they exist to be used-and discarded, as they often are,once they have served their purpose.
There have been,however,individuals who have discovered and unmasked these hidden enemies of ours,people who saw the extent of their cunning as well as the degree to which they dominate the world.These individuals have chosen to resist them,not intimidated by their power or afraid of the effort or danger involved -for all such people are sure to find themselves objects of special coercion.In this fearsome battle they prefer to die on their feet,resisting rather than surrending.Such people, as far as I am concerned,are true heroes,who endure the hardship of the front lines in order to make things somewhat easier for those of us at the rear. For what our enemies dread most is that the rest of humanity might come to know about these victories,and that other people might follow this example.
Thus,our enemies do not just hate us but also fear us-not because of who we are, but because of who we might become.That is, they hate and fear us because of our potential,which so greatly exceeds their own.Every one of us wages war on the field of battle,and victory and defeat occur on an individual basis.And, although a victorious warrior,who has freed himself from the enemy’s influence,is able to advise us, the desire to move forward depends on us.We have to provide the willingness, as warriors, to struggle.Once that is present,help is there,powerful help.Father Paisios was indeed a warrior of this sort.He always stressed that Christ God is everything, and that he himself was merely His disciple.This is why he always tried to remain inconspicuous,seeking neither personal glory nor followers.The elder truly had many capabilities,but his sole concern was to guide those who approched him away from his own person and towards Christ alone.”(“The Gurus,the Young Man,and Elder Paisios” by Dionysios Farasiotis)

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