Tooth Whitening Treatments

As life expectancy rises,more and more patients between 18 and 60 are interested in improving their appearance and preserving a youthful image.A radiant and inviting smile is a very important apect of presenting a youthful,healthy and active image.
In 2007 The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry published a survey highlighting UK statistics on cosmetic dental treatments.The study revealed that over a quarter (26%) of the population have had some type of cosmetic dentistry procedure,of which teeth whitening and white fillings are the most widely experienced.Teeth whitening is the most popular treatment (31%),followed by white fillings (30%),requested crowns or bridges (21%) and veneers (18%).Just under a third of women admit to having had cosmetic dental treatment compared with one in five men.The age analysis shows that people in the 25-34 age group are the most likely to have had teeth whitening.Over 75% of teeth whitening treatments are carried out with at-home whitening trays.Makeover shows are a popular vehicle to gauge cosmetic treatments,with almost half of women occasionally tuning in.
When it comes to physical appearance and enhancing it,most people have a very high expectation level.It is therefore very important that the dentist consult with the patient and explain in full detail what the treatment does,what contra-indications exist and whether or not it may be better for the patient to consider other forms of treatment.Teeth Whitening is not for everyone.
Treatment is generally most effective in cases of age related discoloration or superficial surface staining.Patients should realistically expect a small change (1 or 2 shades),it doesn’t always work and may produce whitening variations between teeth.Any existing restorations (fillings/veneers) will not be whitened significantly and may need to be replaced.Sensitivity can occur!
Follow your dentist’s instructions on how to load gel into your custom bleaching tray.If significant sensitivity occurs,stop treatment and consult dentist.Clean tray with soft brush and cool tap water.
Pregnant women should not bleach!Do not use tobbaco products or eat while bleaching!Coffee,tobacco and other products can restain your teeth over time.Should this occur,the teeth can be rewhitened whithin a few nights.Some old amalgam or ‘silver’ fillings may leave a dark purple color in your bleaching tray;this is normal.
Teeth are naturally darker along the gumline.These areas may require more time to lighten than the rest of the tooth surface and usually remain slightly darker.
Foods and juices high in citric acid can cause sensitivity to the teeth.Some patients could notice temporary discomfort of the gums,lips,throat or tongue.Call your dentist and discontinue the treatment.

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