The Role Of Image In Our Lives

The image plays a very important role in our life. Over 90% of the information that brain receives arrives via sight and more than half of activity in the brain is devoted to processing visual signals.An image is equal to a thousand words. That’s why people who want to influence the masses are using very often the image.
Most institutions, and most of the people are looking today to promote a better image, even it does not correspond to the reality.The image is the simplest way of manipulation, it is a part of these ways of manipulation, sponsorised with fabulous sums of money.
The fact that pornographic magazines are successfully sold, the fact that pornographic websites on internet are accessed by many visitors, the fact that pornographic films are viewed by a lot of people, the fact that television stations that broadcast pornographic programs have a very high rating, could make us believe that not only in the external environment, but also in people’s head there is something like a demon just waiting to be tempted.
But the fact that accessing pornographic products does not take account of the degree of education, because even highly educated people happen to grant a certain interest in pornography demonstrates that the issues are much more complicated than it would seem at first sight.
As Paul Maclean shows, the human brain is composed by three overlapping components.The basic component is like a reptilian brain which contributes to the adjustment of internal organs and to ensure primary needs. The second component is like an emotional brain. Above all lies the neocortex which must verify the behavior in a highly variable and hostile environment sometimes.
Therefore, there are several levels, after which the man interacts with reality, after which he sees and judges other people. In the lower levels we should be able to search for human weaknesses, and into upper groups should look for performance of moral and spiritual human being. But in order to be able to live in a civilized society,the man’s behavior should be the result of two intersecting trends :instinctive and rational , intersection which is not always with the best results.
For that, according to their studies of neurophysiology, primary groups in the brain usually take decisions that occur in adjusting our behavior, before we know them. As shown by B. Libet, our brain shall take its decisions unconsciously with 100 ms before us to be aware of them. This was also confirmed by J. Bargh who was talking about the will which adjusts automatically the behavior.
But, as this would not be sufficient, the human brain has a system of reward- punishment, claiming behaviors that produce satisfaction and avoid behaviors and the factors which cause dissatisfaction. Experiments carried out on animals have shown that the animals which have been implanted brain electrodes in excitement centers have stimulated themselves until exhaustion. This system, which involves the dopamine, is involved in the producing of dependence, not only for drugs, but also for sex and pornography. Therefore, this system is used by those who promote pornography.
The core amygdala, which, in turn, is part of his brain emotionally, receives on a road more information coming from the sense organs, which they evaluated from the point of view emotionally as pleasant or unpleasant and draw up more quickly a decision or, if you prefer, a proposal and sends it to the frontal lobe, which is the most developed part of his brain, before that we can now be aware of this. Frontal lobe, which is working with ethical and moral values, it has the ability to block such decision and usually and do this when that decision does not comply with the conditions of the environment or oppose laws and rules on which the man should obey them. This is what explains the man could live in a civilized society with some groups in the brain or involving certain acts and unconscious automatic
The big problem is that, unlike older groups, the party’s latest in the brain matures harder and work more slowly than other groups in the brain. This is why the child is not yet ready, denotes groups and damages for emotional distress, with which to control the party’s reptilian brain and emotional nature of the brain and that is why the man has a childhood so long, it was just getting up to take the best decisions.
In any event, God endowed man with nerve structures which comply with ethical norms . Of course, this is not an easy thing, but it is exactly in this consists of the great performance of the human being.proposals dangerous, or indecent, coming from other groups in the brain, are moderate, or even locked, to the frontal lobe. For this reason, K. Popper said that the role of conscience is trying to die dangerous assumptions. writes here..
After 15 years, a team of researchers led by Giacomo Rizzolatti, at the University of Parma, has found that when the monkeys, who were stimulators, some electrodes in the frontal lobe, girded another monkey, or even on a researcher and that between 1993-1995 a motion, caught an apple or an orange, neurons in the frontal lobe of Tataru placed reacted as though she would be executed movement. For this reason, these neurons have been called neurons in the mirror. And in the mirror neurons are present in man.
Since it is not possible electrode implantation in the human brain, researchers have appealed to EEG, tomography and magnetic resonance study neurons in the mirror to the man. So they noticed a desynchronisation of electroencephalographic waves in the frontal lobe area when the man saw another man who performs a specific movement. Using functional magnetic resonance, M. Being guillotined noticed an activation of neurons in parietal lobe when the man noticed that another guy carries out a specific task.
This means that, when we are witnessing a football match our neurons of the heart reacts as and when we play football on the ground. This is still happening in the case of cars and watching a porn movie.
Research has shown that in frontal lobe there are two kinds of neurons in the mirror; some neurons, which react only to movement, and others which react to object to respectively. both have the role in imitating what he sees in the environment.
Until the discovery neurons in the glass, she thought that the reaction motor is the result of processing the input signals along circuits very complicated. But now we can see that the tendrils react simply to what the man sees in the environment. That is, neurons in the mirror her man to imitate the mind everything he sees. When your brain sees a movement, he says, it may do it too! And so, the brain learns more easily by mimicking only through oral explanations much more thorough.
The mirror neurons are involved not only in learning through mimics, but also in empathy , neurons in the mirror can cause reproduction and the irresponsibility of automatic in response, a posture and emotional status to others. The mirror neurons are involved in the knowledge in the diffusion and artistic fashion from one individual to another. A person who sees someone dressed in a certain way, it will imitate through neurons in the mirror, his clothes or your style. For this reason, the neurons in the mirror, which reproduce image cortical levied, will largely depend on the extent influences that pornography will have on human behavior. So, the man was found at the front avalanche of images, movies, shows and commercials derisory influencing it without being aware of it.
For this reason, R. Brodie speaks of mind viruses, i.e. information units which penetrates into the brain without we want and which have an effect on human behavior. R. Dawkins called these virus meme information, as their role is, as well as genes, should be to reproduce. Memes shall enter in the brain by means of trojans, i.e. signals to which his brain is open, such as information relating to sex or food. Therefore, advertisements shall attach the product that they want to promote the image of a beautiful woman.

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