Replacement Of Missing Teeth Using Partial Dentures

Where there are a larger number of missing teeth,especially if teeth are missing on both sides of the mouth,a removable denture is usually the best option.
Dentures can be retained by the teeth using clasps,the gums (using flexible dentures),special crowns or implants.Dentures can be made from acrylic (plastic) alone,or in combination with a metal base or skeleton.
Whilst some people feel that they will never be able to tolerate a denture in their mouth, it is not simply a matter of the dentist being unwilling to provide a bridge for you but that the remaining teeth do not provide a suitable foundation for a bridge that would provide a lasting and cost-effective solution.
A well made and well fitting denture can be tolerated by most people.In the event that you feel that a denture is not for you,implants may be able to be placed in your mouth to support the missing teeth in the form of crowns and bridges.This option carries with it considerable costs due to the complexity.Not everyone is suitable and your dentist can advise you on this and refer you to a private specialist if you so wish.
Your dentist will take impressions of the remaining teeth after all other treatments have been completed (including extractions,,fillings,root-canal treatment and scalling/cleaning).The only exception to this is where an immediate denture is to be provided.Additional impressions using a special tray (made in the laboratory) may also be required.
The dentist may also carry out a registration using wax blocks to record the relationship of the teeth and to guide the technician as to where to place the missing teeth.
A try-in of the denture (may involve more than one visit) to check the fit,tooth shape,position and shade will be performed.Then if happy,the final denture will be made.
Insertion of the denture,advice on care of the dentures and where to wear it,as well as care of the remaining teeth and a review to check if all is ok.

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