Dental Bridges And Dentures

Bridges and dentures can help if:
1.You have a missing tooth or teeth
2.You wish to improve the appearance of your smile
3.You wish to improve your ability to bite and chew
4.You’re looking for a longer lasting solution to your dental needs.
Bridges and dentures are quite different solutions to very similar problems.The choice between the two depends on the number of teeth missing,where they are in the mouth,and the condition of the remaining teeth.A bridge spans an area where teeth are missing and is fixed to the natural teeth at either side of the gap.A denture is a removable plate or frame which holds artificial teeth.
When missing teeth aren’t replaced,greater strain is placed on neighbouring teeth.Your ‘bite’ could be affected by missing teeth, making eating or speaking more difficult.Teeth either side of a gap sometimes lean in to each other which can badly affect the appearance of your smile or bite.
Bridges are fitted under a local anaesthetic, and should feel no different from a filling.
Meanwhile, preparation for dentures can vary from patient to patient and there may be some discomfort if teeth need to be removed before fitting.However, the dentures themselves won’t cause any pain.
Most bridges are made from porcelain which is fused to metal or ceramic.These materials are used in most dental procedures-so they are considered perfectly safe and should have no effect on your health or wellbeing.In addition, the dentist has years of experience installing bridges and the procedure is usually very straightforward.

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